Who is Serdar Karasoy?

Who is Serdar Karasoy?

Serdar Karasoy was born in Istanbul on June 9, 1982. In 1999, after graduating from high school, he studied language at the City of London School in England. He then returned to Turkey and studied French at Galatasaray University. He started his university education at Universite de Toulouse in France, but dropped out and returned to Turkey. He worked as a banker at Citibank and Garanti Bank for a while.

In 2017, Serdar Karasoy founded his own company SK Kağıtçılığı. This company operated in the architecture, papermaking, printing and advertising sectors. During this time, he also continued to work as a Financial Consultant.

Serdar Karasoy, who founded the Dubai-based Anatolian Global DMCC investment holding company, merged the previous company with SK Investment. Serdar Karasoy, who is on the list of Dubai investors, provides Finance and Investment Consultancy to international clients. In 2020, Anatolian Global DMCC, which recorded rapid growth, has proven itself and developed in the construction, real estate development and sales, industry, production, export, tourism, media and banking sectors.

Anatolian Global DMCC Holding, which develops and renews itself day by day with its stable projects, offers a quality and perfectionist service with Serdar Karasoy.

With 20 years of experience, Serdar Karasoy, who provides Banking, Finance, Real Estate consultancy to his customers, takes his place among internationally recognized consultants. Father of 2 children, Karasoy serves his clients in many countries including Dubai, Turkey, China, Italy, France and Arabia.

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